a v-day $love letter to simping

The Artconomist
3 min readFeb 14, 2021

Today we are announcing Simp.Love, a DeFi and NFT experiment that both decentralises and celebrates simping culture. V-day is usually a symbol of romantic love, but this v-day also marks the beginning of $love, the embodiment of the special kind of love that only simps can provide.

Why do we bother? Cause we believe that simping is love, and love is everything. Simping is usually seen as an inferior kind of love reserved for weebs, but we believe it is in fact the most genuine, pure and innocent form of love, devoid of the kind of sometimes cold and unrealistic expectations that are embedded in today’s relationships.

From fanboying Elon Musk, to aping after Twitter crypto degens, ogling after Instagram models, tweeting SJW slogans mindlessly, to buying subscriptions from your favorite e-girl, simping exists in many forms and drives a very large and rapidly growing part of the internet economy. In fact, it is a crucial internet use case that we believe deserves its own currency and decentralised governance.

Decentralized Love

Simp.Love is designed to combine key DeFi and NFT ideas to create a self-sustaining, decentralised simping economy and ecosystem that could potentially be far more creative, limitless, and rewarding than centralised platforms.

The proposed game is simple — Simps can stake $love with their favorite waifus (content creators/objects of desire) as a sign of their love and commitment. Waifus will then be given $love that is minted weekly. The exact love mining distribution and amount will be decided by the LoveDAO, which is made up of $love holders.

Of course, one-way love is never sustainable. In return, waifus can generate and reward them with Love NFTs, the content and value of which depends on the amount of $love staked by the simps. There is no limit to what these Love NFTs can promise — including rare crypto collectibles, redeemable 1:1 zoom meetings, exclusive private telegram/discord group invites, discounts on merch, and other fun ideas like booster packs and raffles.

Once received, these Love NFTs represent a unique gift from waifus that are fully owned by the simps and verified by the Ethereum blockchain. Waifus can also shower their simps with more $love or other tokens of their choice. Basically, there are no terms, conditions, or limits to what $love can do.

For the first time ever, simps and waifus around the world can interact and make $love in a transparent, verifiable, and decentralized manner, underpinned by their a self sustaining

Making $Love Together

To bootstrap this new simping ecosystem, 10M primordial $love tokens will be created. Most of these $love tokens will be distributed to the wider DeFi/NFT/Gaming/Content-creating influencers and communities to help build a robust ecosystem of simps and waifus, as well as a committed and distributed community of $lovers to be part of governance.

We are now looking for a passionate group of genesis Cupids who can be the best advocates for decentralized simping and can help raise awareness, drive adoption, and work with the community to build this ecosystem. Besides receiving primordial $love tokens, genesis Cupids can work with us to create first-gen Love NFTs for sale, with the proceeds going back to them, or if they choose, their favorite waifu/simp.

After this initial phase, the fundamentals, ecosystem, and liquidity for $love will have been established. Mostly importantly, the $love token will also have been sufficiently distributed for the LoveDAO to function effectively. Over time, our hope is for $love to connect simps and waifus from all walks of life throughout the DeFi, gaming, and blockchain space.

The Power Of $Love

If this experiment works, it will help expand the use cases of DeFi beyond degen finance into financing content creation (degen love, if you will). On the other side of the coin, we will be creating a brand new economic model that incentivizes both participation in and creation of new forms of NFTs. This will generate economic activity through a mutually beneficial cycle of love, driving the $love ecosystem forward.

And of course, we will be helping to make simping great again. ;)

Let’s make $love together.